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Eye Cream - Eye care

For all women who want to target tired-looking eyes and fine lines.

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NEW Idealia Eyes targets tired-looking eyes to:
• Smooth & reduce the look of fine lines
• Leave the eye contour feeling softer, hydrated and more supple

The innovative eye cream product from Vichy instantly softens the look of the eye area and helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin and tired looking eyes.
The new silicone applicator has been developed to help create a soft touch with the precision of a brush.

Clinically tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

- Hypoallergenic
- Non comedogenic
- With Vichy Thermal Spa Water
- No Parabens


Hydrating, soft & refreshingly light texture. Leaves the skin feeling comfortable and soft.


1. Apply gentle pressure on the end of the tube to squeeze a small quantity of product on the applicator.
2. Using the applicator, spread the product on the eye contour below the eye, starting on the inside and moving towards the crow's feet.
3. Without applying more product, smooth back and forth several times to spread product evenly.
4. Using your finger tips gently tap the eye contour area to facilitate penetration.

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With Florence Benech Director of Vichy laboratories - Active Cosmetics

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All reviews of IDÉALIA Eyes.

rating : 4/5

“I am currently using this gorgeous eye cream. It has the most beautiful light texture with reflective light pigments in it for a nice bright eyed effect. However I have found that it doesn't do enough for my fine lines and dehydration lines under my eyes, so I currently have a tube of the Liftactiv eye cream to try next. But for anyone looking for a beautiful, light eye cream that is a sheer joy to use, maybe someone pre-lines who just want's some hydration and bright fresh eyes, this is a real treasure.”

rating : 4/5

“I decided to try this eye cream as I have some dehydration lines under my eyes now, I also have fine lines at the sides but they don't bother me as much. I have to say that this is probably the most pleasurable eye cream I've ever used. The texture is soft and light, it contains light reflecting pigments and it goes on super smoothly and feels really lovely around your eyes. It really is a pleasure to use it each day. However I don't feel that it's doing enough for the lines under my eyes so I already have a tube of the Liftactiv eye cream to try to see if that deals better with the lines. However I would recommend this cream for anyone wanting a really gorgeous eye cream, maybe more for someone who doesn't yet have lines to deal with & just wants soft, hydrated & bright looking eyes. It's a beautiful product.”

rating : 5/5

“This product feels velvety and makes the skin around the eyes feel silky soft. It has kept my fine lines at bay.”

rating : 4/5

“It's a kind of peachy colour, lovely scent & gorgeous feeling on skin”

rating : 3/5

“It was of good texture but I did not really notice much of a difference”

rating : 4/5

“Felt instantly refreshed after using this product and loved the texture”

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