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At-home peels are fast becoming a regular part of many women’s skincare regimes, helping the complexion to look brighter and smoother. Idéalia Peeling is Vichy’s first night peel formula, and is suitable for daily use on sensitive skin.

What skincare routine should I follow when using Idéalia Peeling?

Ensure to cleanse and tone the skin prior to applying Idéalia Peeling, a moisturiser can be
applied on top of  the product.

How long can I use Idéalia Peeling for?

Idéalia Peeling can be used night after night for up to 3 months and beyond.

How should I apply Idéalia Peeling?

Idéalia Peeling should be applied using a cotton pad, pour some liquid onto the pad, with circular movements  work into the skin with circular motions  starting from the jawline working up the face towards the forehead. Avoid eyes and lips.

Should I apply a product before using Idéalia Peeling?

No, apply Idéalia skin peel to freshly cleansed skin.

Can I use another product on top of Idéalia Peeling?

Yes, a moisturiser or serum can be used following the peel.

If I have sensitive skin can I use Idéalia Peeling?

Yes, Idéalia Peeling was tested for use on sensitive skin. During the initial stages of use apply 3 times a week to build skin tolerance, usagecan be increased to every other day following this.

Are there any skin conditions Idéalia Peeling is not suitable for?

Avoid usage on Atopic/ very  reactive skin. Consult with a doctor before using on acne prone skin.

Should I expect to feel any tingling sensations while using Idéalia Peeling?

When using Idéalia Peeling you may feel a slight tingling sensation initially, this is a normal  sensation. Stinging or burning sensations are not normal, if these are experienced remove the product with cold water and discontinue use.

See a visible difference in your skin day after day with Idéalia Peeling – Vichy’s first night peel formula.

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