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[3D Correction] Foundation



[3D Correction] Foundation

MakeUp - Fluid

Dermablend 3D - Our 1st corrective foundation to cover, smooth and improve oily and acne-prone skin in only one layer.
Vichy Dermablend already offers fantastic formulas to correct skin colour flaws, from light redness to very visible vitiligo.

Today, the high coverage expert brand goes one step further in the subtle art of camouflage, by smoothing the skin's surface to minimise the appearance of 3D imperfections . Forget expert product layering (some women combine up to 8 different formulas every day).

With [3D Correction], only one application is enough to turn acne-prone skin into a smoother, more even, “ready to face the world” complexion. This is thanks to a texture innovation, Alliagel™. The pigments and soft focus agents that cover and blur imperfections are trapped in this gel, which unfold like a second skin, only more even, smoother, and more beautiful.

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Hydrates, mattifies, and corrects the appearance of the skin for up to 16 hours straight, lightweight, and with an ultra-natural finish.



Dermablend 3D is enriched with reference skincare ingredients salicylic acid and eperulin, soothes the feel of skin and reduces the appearance of imperfections.

- Up to 16 hour wear
- 5 shades
- Dermatological tolerance
- Tested on sensitive skin
- Allergy tested
- Non comedogenic
- SPF 25 for shades 05 to 55
- SPF 15 for shades 65 and 75

The complexion looks even, smooth and matte for up to 16 hours. The skin feels supple and comfortable.

The skin’s transformation is immediate: 91% of women agree it improves their acne-prone skin texture*

A breathable, gentle, effective formular that will:
- Leave skin looking clearer
- Provide immediate texture correction
- Helps conceal blemishes and breakouts of acne
- Reduce the appearance of redness
- Mattify skin for a natural finish

*consumer test on 60 women


A 3 in 1 texture in a single ultra-high coverage layer.

  • A FRESH TEXTURE: Emulsifier-free, this formula feels water fresh when it meets the skin, cooling it down until it dries

  • A SUPER-MATTE FINISH: Upon application, the Alliagel™ formula leaves a fine, soft, velvety veil on the skin. A peach-like skin feel that lasts from dawn till dusk thanks to its oil-free policy and optimal mineral pigment selection.

  • A BARE SKIN FEEL: Once turned into gels, the aqueous and anhydrous phases combine perfectly to keep the best of both worlds. All the perfecting effects of layering in one single product.


Cleanse skin thoroughly and apply your usual moisturiser before make-up.

Apply Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] Foundation:
1) Pick up a small amount of Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] with a makeup brush or your fingers.
2) Apply a little product on the most pigmented imperfections. Dab it on to melt it into the skin. Repeat if your imperfections are still visible.
3) With a large brush or your fingers, smooth down and blend outwards all the foundation you have just applied, for a seamless, natural looking finish, do not apply to an unhealed wound.

Touch Up with Dermablend Corrective Stick 14 HR:
1) Dab the stick onto the zone to correct directly, using light touches.
2) Pat and spread the edges with your fingertips to blend the formula into your skin.
3) Depending on the imperfection you wish to correct, apply one or several layers of the localised corrector

Set with Dermablend Setting Powder:
1) Generously apply the Setting Powder using the powder puff. Wait for 2 minutes
2) Remove any surplus with a brush. You can then apply other make up-products (blush, mascara...)

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