5 Top Tips for a Flawless Foundation Finish

5 Top Tips for a Flawless Foundation Finish
5 Top Tips for a Flawless Foundation Finish

Hi I’m Claire Ray and I’m Dermablend’s makeup artist ambassador. Today I’m going to give you my five top tips for a flawless foundation finish.

1. Prep your skin

I really love Vichy’s range so make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin.

2. Testing the colour of your foundation

When you test out the colour of your foundation; don’t test it on your hand or wrist. Test it on your jawline. Your true shade will literally disappear into your skin.

3. Use a foundation brush

My third tip is to use a foundation brush when you apply Dermablend foundation. This gives high coverage and it’s extremely long lasting.

4. Apply concealer

My fourth tip is to apply your concealer after your foundation. Also, use your finger to actually pat it into your skin. The heat and warmth from my fingertips is actually going to help melt that into the foundation.

5. Apply Dermablend's Setting Powder

My final tip is to apply Dermablend’s Setting Powder to your foundation. This is going to make it long lasting and actually seal in your foundation. So simply pat it over, and then blend it away.
So there you have my top five tips for a flawless foundation finish.

This article reflects the opinion of Claire Ray and is intended as general advice only. You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.