A Close Shave...

A Close Shave...
A Close Shave...

At a rate of 10 minutes a day, men spend an average of 150 days of their life shaving! But this daily routine can damage the skin and disrupt its natural balance if not performed correctly.

Careless shaving can lead to:

Ingrown hairs:
If hairs are very fine or curly or are cut in the wrong direction, they are unable to penetrate the skin’s surface. As a result, they grow under the skin, causing imperfections,” explains dermatologist Michel Le Maître. The best approach is to shave following the direction of hair growth – including hair which grows at an angle. You should then finish your shaving routine by applying a hydrating product that has fruit acids (AHAs) in it, which are known to boost the skin’s natural exfoliation process and help remove the small dead cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface, making it easier for hairs to penetrate.

“Shaving is always going to aggravate the skin – it’s unavoidable. And shaving gels, alcohol-based or menthol aftershaves and non-hydrating aftershave lotions only make things worse.” Trade all these products in for an alcohol-free formula designed for sensitive skin to avoid irritation and redness.

Tight Skin
“Shaving depletes the lipids in the hydrolipidic film which coat the skin’s surface and make the skin feel comfortable.” Every morning, use a post-shaving cream or aftershave for sensitive skin, followed by with a day cream enriched with moisturising ingredients to avoid feelings of discomfort.

“Start by changing the blades on your shaver! If they are too old, they don’t actually cut the hair but yank it out!” A new blade will also provide a closer shave and prevent you from running over the same area twice.

Top tip

When to shave your beard is just as important as how to shave it. The most ideal time to shave is after a warm shower. Why? The hot water will open your pores and soften the hair cuticle, making it easier to avoid cuts and prevent ingrown hairs when shaving. Check out the Vichy Homme range for skincare products specially designed for men

Michel Le Maitre Scientific Advisor for Vichy dermatology

Sébastien Paucod Founder of the Gentlemen Workshop