Clear up those dark spots with tips from the pros

Clear up those dark spots with tips from the pros

Clear up those dark spots with tips from the pros

Clear up those dark spots with tips from the pros
Clear up those dark spots  with tips from the pros

If you sometimes feel like perfect skin is as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s about time we let you in on a few top tips.

A lasting impact

Dark spots and marks come in a variety of forms, as dermatologist Joëlle Sebaoun explains. “A specially trained skincare advisor or dermatologist will be able to identify the source and nature of your dark spots and point you in the direction of a suitable medical or laser treatment. But there are also cosmetic products which, if used every day, can visibly reduce dark spots, too. For a long-lasting solution to even out your skin tone, choose a treatment specially designed to tackle the different kinds of dark spots, and be sure to use an additional high-protection sun cream” to avoid future spots.

Instant cover-up

If you’re looking for an instant remedy, professional make-up artist Letizia Carnevale gives us her cover-up tips. “My first piece of advice would be to moisturise your face very carefully and thoroughly with your regular skincare product,” she explains. Use a hypoallergenic cream that is suitable for sensitive skin, and apply it methodically. This will keep the skin hydrated and in optimum condition. 

To hide any marks, use corrective make-up with a high concentration of pigments, such as a light liquid foundation or a stick. The best technique is to put a small amount of corrector on the tip of your finger and spread it on the back of your hand in a circular motion. “This warms it up, making it lighter and easier to apply,” explains Letizia. “Then use your finger to smooth the make-up gently over any areas without dark spots. Dab the corrector on any visible marks using the tip of your finger – this will allow you to apply more to these areas. If your dark spots are very small, put some corrector onto one end of a cotton bud and dab it really lightly as if you were creating an Impressionist painting. You can also try using a thin, pointy concealer brush to apply the product over the spots, which will help prevent oils and dirt from your fingertip from getting into your pores. Letizia’s last tip is to take a paper tissue, gently pull away one layer and press it to your face to absorb any excess product.

And that’s all it takes to cover any marks discreetly but efficiently to reveal radiant skin! But don’t slack on a daily skincare regimen that properly targets those spots and banishes them once and for all.

Letizia Carnevale Letizia CarnevaleMake-up artist International

Dr Joelle Sebaoun Dr. Joelle SebaounDermatologue