How to manage hot flushes during the menopause

How to manage hot flushes during the menopause

The bad news: menopause hot flashes where you experience sudden feelings of heat spreading across your body, chest, neck and face affect around 80% of women. The good news: there are plenty of ways you can stay cool and comfortable.

What causes hot flashes

Hot flashes are a common symptom of the menopause and approaching it. Just as changes in your hormone levels, like oestrogen and progesterone, during the menopause are linked to increased sensitivity and dry skin, they’re also thought to cause these feelings of intense warmth that can happen suddenly and several times a day. You may find that along with your skin feeling warm, you also experience redness on your face, neck and chest and sweating. Night sweats are also a common complaint and when you experience hot flashes during your sleep, often disrupting your rest.

How to keep your cool

While hot flashes can occur at any time, they’re believed to happen more frequently when you’re stressed. Trying to reduce your stress levels could therefore reduce the number and severity of hot flashes you experience. Consider trying meditation, yoga, reading a book or even just taking a walk to take some time out of your day.

It may sound obvious but even the slightest change to your body temperature can bring on hot flashes, so keeping as cool as you can is key. Wear light clothing and lightweight fabrics like cotton, and dress in layers so you can adapt to your surroundings easily. Keeping your bedroom cool at night can also help to keep night sweats at bay, so turn down the thermostat, turn on your fan on or open your windows. Jumping in a cool shower before bed can also help.

Certain foods and drinks can also increase your body temperature and bring on irritating hot flashes. Avoid spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol, which have all been linked to increasing the severity and frequency of hot flashes. Sipping cool drinks throughout the day can also help to keep your body temperature under control.

Stay cool, calm and refreshed

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