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The best ingredients for taking care of your hands

The benefits of glycerin for hydrating your hands

The best ingredients for taking care of your hands Excessive washing and the approaching winter months mean our hands have never been in more need of some extra TLC. While we’re quick to lather on face creams, hand care often gets forgotten. Here’s a healthy reminder of our best creams and ingredients to give you the softest hands (clue: glycerin is a bit of a hero).

The benefits of glycerin for nourishing dry skin

As we use them the most, it’s not surprising that dry or chapped skin is one of the most common concerns to affect our hands – especially when we’ve been religiously applying hand sanitiser for the past few months and it can strip your skin of its natural oils.

Fortunately, a nourishing hand cream can help you lock in moisture to return your hands to their hydrated and healthy best. For fast relief from dry skin, look to creams rich in active ingredients like shea butter, hydrating hyaluronic acid and humectants, like glycerin.

Benefits of glycerin hand creams are that they are moisturisers that can actually attract water – whether it’s from the deeper skin layers or even surrounding air. Glycerin is not known as a super hydrator by accident, glycerin skin benefits include helping your skin to maintain hydration, protecting it from sources of irritation and strengthening its natural barrier. Vichy’s glycerin-loving Neovadiol range is known for helping your skin feel intensely hydrated.

Keep signs of ageing at bay

As they’re constantly exposed to environmental conditions including the ever-changing weather, our hands are usually the first to show signs of ageing like age spots and wrinkles. As we naturally produce less collagen as we get older, the skin on our hands can also begin to sag and thin. Keeping thirsty skin hydrated therefore not only keeps your hands soft and comfortable, it also helps improve visible signs of premature ageing. For plumper-looking hydrated hands, you’ll want to layer on omega-rich skin-conditioning oils and creams.

Don’t forget the SPF

Just as it’s important to protect your face from the sun and UV damage all year round, your hands are constantly exposed and in need of a healthy helping of regular SPF protection. UV damage coupled with the body’s natural decline in collagen production can encourage more of that unwanted premature ageing and saggy skin. Vichy’s Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream is not only a hydrating balm that helps to relieve discomfort and dryness thanks to it’s soothing formula enriched with rose extract and shea butter Apply a pea-sized amount regularly and leave to absorb for nourished and protected hands.

Find your perfect hand care at vichy.co.uk.

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