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Decros Nutrients
Dercos Nutrients Shampoo

Dercos Nutrients is Vichy’s natural, silicone-free solution to combatting daily hair aggressors including pollution, stress and heat. Our 1st line of haircare formulated with natural nutrient-rich ingredients, is designed to improve the health of all types of hair whilst protecting from the most common damagers. ​

All shampoo bottles are made from 100% recyclable materials (except colorant) and all tubes made from 50% recyclable materials (except colorant & capsule). ​

Discover our three efficient and nutritious ranges

All Vichy formulas are hypoallergenic with clinically proven results.​ ​

Dercos Nutrients Detox​

Rebalances hair & scalp suffering from oiliness leaving it lightweight & healthy-looking. Hair is purified and volume of sebum decreased. Rebalancing ingredients:​

•SPIRULINA: an algae rich in antioxidants & protein​

•CHARCOAL: a fossil with deep cleansing ability

•KAOLIN CLAY: a mineral absorbing excess oil​

Dercos Nutrients Vitamin A.C.E.​

Rebalanced hair & scalp aggressed by stress. Provides hydration, smoothness and shine to worn out, lifeless hair. Enriching ingredients:​

•ACAI BERRY: rich in vitamins A.C.E with antioxidant properties ​

•ALOE VERA: a fortifying plant with hydrating benefits ​

Dercos Nutrients Nutri Protein​

Quenches dry hair damaged by heat. Increases hydration and decreases split ends, giving a soft & silky finish. Fortifying ingredients:​

•QUINOA BRAN: a seed rich in antioxidants & protein​

•PRACAXI OIL: rich in fatty acids & lipids​

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