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Vichy Homme
Vichy Homme

From gels to moisturisers and shaving foams, Vichy Homme is a range that is perfectly adapted to all men, for both face and body hygiene. A unique knowledge of how male skin works drives the range – make sure that you're protected and moisturised with Vichy Homme. ​

All hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, and with clinically proven results on male skin. 

Our shaving products are enriched with Vitamin CG and salicylic acid, helps to refine skin texture and leave skin feeling smooth and soft . With adapted textures for an easier glide, our anti-fatigue moisturizer hydrates the skin and gives a healthy glow. ​

Enriched with a combination of Magnesium and Vitamin CG, the shower gel recharges the skin with a feeling of energy, whilst having a double cleansing action for the body and hair. ​

Lightweight, refreshing deodorants that deliver round the clock effectiveness to regulate perspiration and deliver a comfortable feeling. Skin will feel fresh and soft with no white marks left behind.​

Vichy Homme
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