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An expert skin ageing analysis

SKINCONSULTAI is a powerful skin ageing algorithm developed with dermatologist, based on 15 years of skin research and powered by by artificial intelligence.

It detects ageing signs.
It analyses your strengths and priorities.
It recommends the perfect skincare regime.

Discover your skin ageing matrix

Based on the selfie, a skin ageing matrix is calculated.
This matrix reveal skin ageing level of 7 ageing signs. The scores correspond to skin’s ageing atlas grade, from 0 (not visible) to 5 (highly visible).

When skin matrix is near to the center, your score is near to 0, it’s means ageing sign has a low visibility. When skin matrix is extended, your score increase, it’s mean your ageing sign is more visible.

Compare your skin matrix to other women of different age range.

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