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Dark circles, scars and marks

How to cover dark circles, scars and marks

A cover story: How to conceal dark circles, scars and marks

Dark circles are one of the most common beauty bugbears as they can affect all skin types and all skin tones. Here are our top tips how to improve their appearance or conceal them completely alongside any other marks or scars that you don’t want on show.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

While they’re often associated with late nights and a lack of sleep, dark circles can be caused by factors that are out of your control including genetics and age. Hyperpigmentation is one of the main reasons for dark circles and can be related to genetics and skin tone as well as environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking. Stress, poor diet and dehydration can also take their toll on the delicate eye area, which also thins with age to expose the blood vessels below, resulting in a darker appearance.

How can I reduce the appearance of dark circles?

Although a lack of sleep doesn’t cause dark circles, it can make them appear more prominent. Getting your recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night can help you wake to a brighter, less puffy complexion. Your skin works its hardest at night, repairing itself, so getting your full quota of beauty sleep is important. Applying a daily sunscreen is always essential but it can especially help with hyperpigmentation. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection and take it all the way to your lash line. Apply a targeted eye cream, like our Vichy Neovadiol Substitute Complex Lip and Eye Contour Cream that’s enriched with proteic Gf and pro-xylane, morning or night, to help plump and smooth the skin. It also comes with a cooling applicator to help with puffiness.

The best makeup and foundation to cover scars, dark circles and more

Our Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction is a hydrating fluid foundation that provides long-lasting coverage of minor to moderate skin concerns including blemishes, dark circles, rosacea, tattoos and scars. It’s easy to blend, buildable and feels comfortable on your skin, concealing your concerns for up to 16 hours of wear. It has SPF 35 in it to protect you from the sun and , too.

For best results, combine our Dermablend foundations with our Vichy Dermablend SOS Concealer Stick, our favourite Dermablend tattoo cover up, which provides up to 16 hours of targeted full coverage and is sweat, water and rub-resistant.

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