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Discover how Vichy can help you through every stage of life

Discover how Vichy can help you through every stage of life

From puberty to the menopause, we understand that the needs of your skin can change quite dramatically through each stage of life. Discover how Vichy can help to keep your skin looking and feeling its most beautiful – no matter what life throws at you.
As we go through life and all of its trials and tribulations, our skin and its needs can change quite considerably. This is something we really understand at Vichy so we create our skincare ranges with a particular time of life in mind; whether that’s those tricky teenage years when hormones can cause acne, breakouts and blemishes, or the first few years of a busy career when life can put a lot of extra stress on the complexion.

We hope that by getting to know our range in its entirety, you’ll know exactly where to turn through all the major milestones of your life – and everything in between. Read on to discover a few key life moments and the Vichy skincare range that can help you ensure you feel your most beautiful.

A routine for teenage blemishes

Hormones and stress can play havoc with the skin especially during those tricky teenage years when you really want your complexion to look its best. Our Normaderm range is formulated to help address skin concerns such as imperfections and blemishes , so it’s the perfect range to have on hand when you get a spot.

Your routine: Start each day with a thorough cleanse to remove any oil and sebum from the pores using a double-action cleanser such as Normaderm’s Phytosolution Double Correction Daily Cleansing Gel. Then follow with a strengthening serum such as Minéral 89 to help defend the skin against environmental aggressors throughout the day. Finally apply Normaderm’s Phytosolution Double Correction Daily Care Moisturiser. Its gentle formula contains dermatological ingredients such as salicylic acid and hyaluonric acid and helps exfoliate away dead skin cells,clear pores and will leave the skin hydrated

Added extras: If you still feel like your skin needs a bit of help, turn to Dermablend’s [3D Correction] Foundation. This high-coverage makeup acts as a corrective base that covers, smooths and improves the look of oily and blemish prone skin – it’s a total hero on bad skin days.

Stress effects on skin

During our mid-thirties and early forties, we’re often working flat out while also trying to balance a hectic social and family life. Of course, this is a really exciting stage in our lives but it can put quite a lot of additional stress on the skin. This is where a skincare range such as Liftactiv Specialist can really help to support its needs. Our most science-led expert skincare range, it works to help support the skin’s natural production of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

Your routine:

Begin with two pumps of Minéral 89 as this will form a protective and strengthening base layer that will protect your face from environmental aggressors. Follow this with Liftactiv’s Collagen Specialist Daily Cream, enriched with biopeptides and antioxidant Eperuline, helps to target signs of ageing associated with collagen loss and helps protect skin against UV-induced oxidative stress. During particularly busy life moments such as weddings, travel and career moves, you can give your skin an extra boost with an intensive treatment such as Vichy’s Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightening Corrector. This 10-day treatment can help brighten dull, tired skin with a concentrated antioxidant formula that combines 15% pure Vitamin C with Vitamin E and fragmented Hyaluronic Acid.

Added extras: If stress also causes you to develop dandruff, you should also consider switching your haircare to the Dercos anti-Dandruff range. The Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is recommended by dermatologists and that can help to purify and soothe the scalp.

Changes of season and dehydration

No matter how comprehensive your skincare routine is, a change of season can cause a range of concerns with your skin – from dehydration and dryness to sensitivity. The best way of avoiding this is to look ahead and try to predict when your skin is going to need to adapt. In the same way that you slip on an extra layer of clothes as you head from summer into early autumn, you may need to do the same with your skincare. Aqualia Thermal can help maintain moisture levels in the skin and provide daily hydration that lasts for up to 48 hours.

Your routine:

Once you’ve armed your skin against daily aggressors with Minéral 89, follow with a super-hydrating moisturiser such as Aqualia Thermal Light. This intense and long-lasting cream is ideal for dry to normal skin types and locks in moisture with Hyaluronic Acid and plant sugar mannose. When your skin is feeling extra dry and tight, apply Aqualia Night Spa before you go to bed. It provides intense hydration to really dry skin and can also be used as a mask for an extra intensive treatment.

The Menopause and skin

The menopause can be a challenging transition for a woman and every stage can present a unique set of hormonal changes in the skin. At Vichy we’ve put years of research into creating a dedicated range of skincare that can help you manage these changes while helping your skin to look its most beautiful. Neovadiol helps to care for your skin during and after the menopause with tailored formulations that help to hydrate, nourish and strengthen.

Your routine:

After cleansing, apply a nourishing serum such as Neovadiol’s Compensating Complex Serum. Designed to care for the skin during the menopause, this restoring serum helps to replace loss lipids while helping to hydrate and plump up the appearance of the skin leaving it comforted and soft. Follow this with a moisturiser suited to your skin type such as Neovadiol’s Rose Platinum Day and Night Cream. This formula helps to bring a rosy glow to the skin while providing immediate freshness and comfort.

Added extras: Hot flushes are a common side effect during the menopause and our Vichy Mineralizing Water can help to cool your skin on the go. Carry a mini can in your handbag for instant refreshment.

For extra help in finding the right Vichy range for you, head to where you can use our clever Skin Consult Tool. It uses a unique algorithm to identify the needs of your skin, developed with dermatologists.


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