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Filloxane for thinning hair

Filloxane – haircare’s fix for thinning hair

Over 8 million British women worry they have thinning hair, so if you’re looking to improve the texture and volume of your fine hair, meet Filloxane! This hard-working molecule binds itself to hair fibres, resulting in noticeably thicker-looking hair.

What is Filloxane and how does it work?

When it comes to finding solutions for fine or thin hair, the stakes are high. How best to add volume and lift to fine hair without weighing it down? Most of us have tried the classic techniques - applying less conditioner in the shower followed by a cool blast from the hairdryer and finishing with a liberal spritz of hairspray… but what if there was a more effective solution?

Created by L’Oréal Research, Filloxane works much like a silica gel by attaching itself to the hair follicle, creating a network of fibres that are both supple and strong. On the molecular level, Filloxane is divided into two parts: the mineral structure, and the organic actives. This double structure seamlessly meshes Filloxane with the hair fibre at the individual level, creating an appearance of thicker, stronger hair.

What does Filloxane mean for hair?

This customised molecule strengthens the hair fibre from the inside out, creating firmer, stronger stands that are more resistant to breakage and damage. After penetrating the hair fibre, Filloxane creates hundreds of miniature connections that plump up hair from the inside out. As a result, the hair fibre gains volume, with its density visibly boosted.

So if you wish for more luscious looking locks or worry about thinning hair, then look no further. This revolutionary ingredient, available in Dercos Densi Solutions targeted haircare, will ensure you have thicker, more healthy-looking hair day after day.

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