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Applying foundation on oily or blemish prone skin

How to apply foundation on oily or blemish prone skin

Vichy’s Expert Make Up Artist Claire Ray shows the correct way to apply your foundation on oily or blemished prone skin.

Prep your skin

So I’ve got my lovely model Josephine with me and I have already prepped Josephine’s skin with a 3 in 1 cleanser and toner. Toners help remove any oils that are on the skin’s surface.


Now I’m going to apply one of my favourite products and its Normaderm’s Hydrating Care Moisturiser, and this is going to simply just mattify Josephine’s skin. The reason I’m applying it with a foundation brush is because if there is any infection or bacteria on the skin you’re not spreading it around the face. And it gives you a really nice matte surface for which to apply your foundation on.

Apply Dermablend's Corrective Fluid Foundation

Now I’m going to use Dermablend’s Corrective Fluid Foundation and I’m going to use two colours, number 15 and number 25.

Don’t be afraid to use 2 different foundations – they work really well together and blend really well onto the skin.

So I’m just gently mixing the two colours on the back of my hand and starting to apply to the centre of the face. Because by the time you get to the hairline and jawline, there’s hardly any foundation on your brush, so you’re not going to create a build up there.

What’s great about this foundation is that you can really build with it, the coverage still feels quite light and moisturising though. It also has a SPF factor of 35 so it is going to protect your skin against the sun.

Apply a concealer

Now that I’ve evened out Josephine’s skin tone, I’m just going to go over certain areas with a concealer.

I’m simply going to use my concealer brush and pat it over the areas to give a little bit more coverage. Don’t be afraid to mix the colours, they blend really well together and glide onto the skin.

Now I’ve created a flawless foundation, I’m going to add Dermablend’s setting powder. As you can see, this is creating a fantastic base and it is setting the foundation nicely. So there you have my top tips for applying foundation if you have oily or blemished prone skin.

This article reflects the opinion of Claire Ray and is intended as general advice only. You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.

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