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How to choose the right evening skincare routine

How to choose the right evening skincare routine

How to choose the right evening skincare routine Whether you’re rushing to get your head on the pillow after a late night, or planning a leisurely evening of skincare pampering, here’s our guide to skincare routines your skin will love.

Your evening routine is designed to promote an optimum environment for skin’s renewal while you’re resting.

More often than we’d like to admit, many of us go to bed without doing anything to care for our skin. It might be due to a late night that leaves you too tired to do anything except fall into bed. Or you might be living a lifestyle where spare minutes are few and far between due to family commitments, work or health. It’s understandable that skincare time gets squeezed when other things put pressure on your time. But thanks to hard-working, specially-designed products, there’s no need to skip skincare altogether. Your routine can adapt to fit the time you have.

If you’ve got 5 minutes

Too squeezed for skincare? Go basic with the essentials.

  • Cleanse – do it fast and well with a multi-purpose cleanser that will effectively remove all makeup and dirt from your skin while leaving it feel soothed at the same time. Look for a rinse-free formula that you can remove without running water. That way you can keep your cleanser, along with a supply of cotton-wool pads, close by your bed to remind you to cleanse before sleeping.
  • Moisturise – choose a night cream that will give your skin the right level of hydration, depending on whether it’s dry, oily, combination or sensitive. Night creams are designed to provide an environment which supports your skin’s natural regeneration and renewal processes while you sleep.

If you’ve got 15 minutes (or longer)

Got more time? Treat yourself to a pampering routine.

  • Cleanse – with more time on your hands, you’ve got a choice of cleansing methods, from quick micellar cleansers to the traditional cleanser and toner combination. Once you’ve cleansed, follow with a spritz of thermal water to leave skin feeling refreshed & soothed.
  • Mask – apply a mask to intensely cleanse or hydrate your skin, leave for a few minutes, then rinse well with water. Add this step on a weekly basis (or as often as you need) to give your skin an extra pick-me-up.
  • Serum – smooth on a layer of serum to freshly-cleansed, damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Apply it with gentle but steady strokes working from the neck upwards, massaging lightly as you go.
  • Eye cream – using the tip of your ring finger, pat your eye cream gently along the top of the brow bone and along the eye socket underneath. Don’t go too close to the eye itself, as the product will spread as it soaks in.
  • Night cream – finish up with a night cream that suits your skin type, to support your skin’s overnight renewal process.
  • Not keeping regular hours?

    Remember, your ‘evening’ routine is the skincare you do before you go to sleep, even if that’s not necessarily at night. Your evening routine is designed to promote an optimum environment for skin’s renewal while you’re resting, so even if you’re returning from a night shift while the first birds are singing, this is the routine to follow.

    Set a reminder

    If you’re having trouble sticking to your skincare routine, try setting an alarm on your smartphone or laptop. Time it so you have 5, 10 or 15+ minutes to complete your routine before going to bed.

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