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How to get flawless foundation coverage if you have rosacea or redness

How to get flawless foundation coverage if you have rosacea or redness

So I’m joined by my lovely model Danni and Danni has slight rosacea along her jawline and on her forehead.

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise

I have cleansed and toned Danni’s skin and I’m going to apply a moisturiser. I’m using a foundation brush, simply because the warmth and the heat from my fingertips will actually stimulate her sensitive skin.

Once you’ve applied your moisturiser, don’t immediately apply your foundation. You need to allow the moisturiser to soak into your skin for 5 to 10 minutes otherwise your foundation is going to slide over your skin and you will have trouble blending.

2. Apply Dermablend's Corrective Fluid Foundation

Now I’m going to apply my foundation, and this is Corrective Fluid Foundation, number 25 and number 45.

Now don’t be afraid to mix them together, they work perfectly together and you can get your perfect match.

So I start off applying the foundation to the centre of the face, simply because by the time you get around to the hairline, there’s hardly any of the foundation on your brush so it’s not going to get caught up in the hair.

What’s great about this product is that it has factor 35 in it, so that way it’s going to protect you from one of the main triggers of rosacea which is the sun. A lot of people apply green products to counteract the red, however I find it makes the skin quite sallow and greyish, so I always opt for a product that has a yellow base.

3. Layer your foundation and add concealer

With my first layer of foundation, I’m simply looking to even the skin tone out and then go back afterwards and cover any blemishes. The Corrective Fluid has oils in it, that simply make it glide onto the skin, you really don’t have to work hard to blend this foundation and straight away that’s giving me amazing coverage.

Don’t worry too much about your first application, because like I said, you simply just want to create an even coverage, an even the skin tone out, then you can go back in with your concealer and cover anymore rosacea.

4. Apply Dermablend's Setting Powder

So what I love about Dermablend’s Setting Powder, is that it’s colourless, so you’re not actually adding colour to your foundation, you’re just sealing your foundation in. It’s also taking away any shine and providing a perfect base for when you apply your blusher and your eye shadow.

You don’t need lots on your brush, just simply tap off the excess and I’m just gently patting it onto the skin, and you can see straight away that I’ve got an even coverage and you can see it’s so easy to build with it.

So there you have my quick and easy tips for using Dermablend foundation for covering your rosacea.

This article reflects the opinion of Claire Ray and is intended as general advice only. You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.

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