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How to manage greasy hair and an oily scalp 

How to manage greasy hair and an oily scalp

Managing a greasy hair type and oily scalp can be challenging. If the formula of your shampoo is too hydrating, it can really weigh the hair down, while anything too gentle can leave the texture dull and lifeless. Read our top tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy and full of vigour, depending on your concern..

The concern: Dandruff and an oily scalp

If you have an oily scalp that’s prone to dandruff, you’ll need a targeted treatment shampoo to soothe and purify it. Dercos Anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair eliminates up to 100% of visible flakes leaving hair feeling fresh and soothed. Alternatively, the Dercos Micropeel shampoo is clinically proven to relieve oiliness and stubborn dandruff with an exfoliating formula that contains salicylic acid, LHA and apricot kernel micro beads. While these powerful yet gentle ingredients get to work, glycerol and niacinamide help to condition the hair and leave it soft and voluminous. You’ll be flake-free in no time.

The concern: Everyday greasiness

If you find your hair gets greasy quickly, even if you’ve washed it that morning, you’ll benefit from using a targeted shampoo that eliminates excess oil. Dercos' Oil Control Shampoo>/a> for greasy hair is just that, formulated with an exclusive anti-sebum complex combining four carefully balanced and selected surfactants to clean oily scalp. Hair and scalp are left feeling lighter and easier to style.

The concern: Fighting pollution and build-up

Do you find that your hair feels greasier when you’re in more busy, urban areas? This is because external aggressors such as pollution can cause oiliness in the hair as well as irritating the scalp. Dercos’ Nutrients Detox Shampoo has been developed to deeply cleanse and protect the hair and scalp from pollution with a detoxifying formula enriched with spirulina that absorbs pollution particles and purifying charcoal to help nourish and protect the hair fibre. It’s also suitable for frequent use, so wash with it whenever your hair is feeling weighed down from city life.

The concern: Keeping the hair grease-free in-between washes

Keeping the hair looking fresh and grease-free in between washes can be hard but a dry shampoo can help bring it back to life. The Dercos Nutrients Detox Dry Shampoo is especially great at answering the needs of greasy hair types as it’s formulated with spirulina, charcoal and kaolin clay and helps absorb pollutant particles and reduce levels of excess sebum in the scalp. Try spraying it into a brush first and combing through your hair – this will help you distribute the product evenly throughout.


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