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The 5 Best Times to Use a Face Mask

Mask Moments: The 5 Best Times to Use a Face Mask

Bring your face mask out of the bathroom. From watching your favourite show to getting ready for a big night out, these are the best times to use a face mask.

1. Nail-time

After a long day's work, or during the weekend, treat yourself to some pamper time and apply a hydrating and refreshing face mask like the Quenching Mineral Mask from Vichy. While you're relaxing, take the opportunity to paint your nails or dry brush your body to scrub off dead skin cells. Alternatively, why not use your me-time for some reading? There's a chapter that's just waiting to be read...

2. TV-time

While your Quenching Mineral mask is working its magic for 5 minutes, catch up on your favourite TV show.

3. Chore-time

Chores are annoying but inevitable; apply a facial mask to transform duty to beauty!

Vacuum while you cleanse your pores with Vichy's Pore Purifying Mask. It's formulated with two white clays :Kaolin and Bentonite clay, the two teams together and acts like a ‘magnet’ to draw out excess sebum & impurities.

4. Pre-party-time

Double Glow Peel Mask. Be the belle of the ball and glow thanks to the mask's formula which, enriched with fruit acids, peels off dead cells while exfoliating volcanic pumice sloughs off dead skin. The formula, enriched with Vitamin Cg, brightens and unifies the look of skin tone for even more glowing results.

5. Flight-time

A flight, when your skin is likely to become dehydrated, can be the perfect opportunity to apply the Quenching Mineral face mask. For an added boost of the refreshing sensation, spritz some Thermal Water over your face after five minutes of wearing the mask, massage in small circular motions, then leave for another three minutes. Sit back and flip through your travel guide while your masks doing their magic.

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