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Party Season Makeup

Party Season Makeup

While you may have spent the majority of 2020 with little reason to celebrate, the arrival of the festive season brings with it a selection of bold and bright party make-up looks to try. Party make-up is all about standing out for the right reasons, and being a bit bolder with your choices.

While you may have spent the majority of 2020 with little reason to celebrate, the arrival of the festive season brings with it a selection of bold and bright party make-up looks to try. Party make-up is all about standing out for the right reasons, and being a bit bolder with your choices.

For all the tips and tricks to help you paint the town red, gold or neon, Vichy’s expert make-up artist Claire Ray is here.

Check out her hacks to help you look your best this party season.

  1. Don't apply your make-up when you first wake up. It takes a while for your face to 'settle' and for any puffiness to calm down. It should be the last step in your routine.
  2. Test your foundation colour on your jaw line (not the back of your hand); the correct colour will ‘disappear’ into your skin. Vichy’s Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation has a light fluid texture that easily blends into the skin for comfortable wear and buildable coverage.
  3. If your skin looks a bit sallow, using an iridescent powder across your forehead, cheeks and eyelids can act as an instant pick-me-up.
  4. A flesh-toned eyeshadow is a multitasking hero – especially for simple make-up for party season. Use it as a highlighter on your chin, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose and inner corners of your eyes.
  5. Exfoliate your skin with a small facial brush to stimulate the blood supply, remove dead skin cells and give your skin a healthy glow.
  6. Before you apply your party eyeshadow, place cold metal spoons on your eyelids for a few minutes to tighten up the skin and help reduce any puffiness.
  7. Reduce tell-tale signs of a late night with a handy white kohl pencil. Run it along the inner rim of your lower eyes, close your eyes and transfer onto the upper eye rim and repeat for a second coat.
  8. Buy a pack of eyelash curler sponges and replace them regularly to avoid damaging your lashes and party eye make-up.
  9. Make sure you remove any eye cream, gels or serums from your skin before applying foundation. These can make your foundation appear patchy when you try to blend.
  10. When you apply primer don't use too much, a 10p size dollop is enough. Allow five minutes for it to fully absorb.
  11. Apply concealer with your fingertips; the warmth from your fingers will help it to blend easily into your foundation. Vichy’s Dermablend SOS Cover Stick’s creamy texture melts upon touching the skin to help minimise the appearance of redness, dark circles, acne and scars for up to 16 hours.
  12. Make sure your foundation has set before you apply powder by gently pressing it with a tissue. The tissue will absorb any excess foundation and moisture from your skin, so you can achieve a flawless finish.
  13. If you are covering acne it is important to use a clean make up brush or sponge, so you don’t spread any infections to other areas of the face.
  14. Buy a pack of empty dropper bottles and decant your liquid foundation into them. Stash one in your car, at your office or in your purse, so you’re never without cover up.
  15. If you’re wearing semi-permanent lashes, invest in heated lash curlers. Normal lash curlers can damage and snap false lashes.
  16. Curling your eyelashes can really open up your eyes and make you look like you’ve had eight hours of sleep – even if you haven’t. To help hold the curl in place, apply your mascara immediately after curling.
  17. Choose smaller blusher and bronzer brushes so you can be more precise and avoid applying too much.
  18. After you have cleaned your brushes, lightly spray with a lavender or rose water toner and allow to dry. This will keep them smelling fresh.
  19. For thicker and fuller lashes to finish off your party eyeshadow, apply one coat of mascara, dust lashes with a translucent powder and then apply a second coat.
  20. Buy a tiny fan-shaped art brush to apply your mascara to your bottom lashes. It will get all the hard-to-reach lashes.
  21. When choosing a natural blusher for simple make-up for party season, gently pinch the apples of your cheeks. The colour your cheeks turn is an indicator as to what blusher colour you should choose.
  22. Finish your foundation with a translucent setting powder. Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder is water-resistant and helps keep your foundation from smudging and sliding around for up to 16 hours.
  23. The amount of foundation you apply should be no bigger than a 50p piece. For a natural, breathable finish, Vichy’s Mineralblend Fluid Foundation is enriched with hyaluronic acid and glycerine and helps to hydrate the skin while providing lasting coverage.
  24. For an intense eyeliner, apply liquid eyeliner over the pencil version.
  25. Use mascara if you don’t have an eyeliner handy. All you need is a thin brush to dip into the mascara bottle.
  26. Brush your lips after brushing your teeth. This will remove dry skin cells and stimulate the blood supply to your lips, giving them a natural red colour.
  27. Use your lipstick as a cream blusher. Apply a little to the apples of your cheeks and blend well.
  28. Double up your brown or black eyeshadow by wetting an eyeliner brush and using it as an eyeliner.

Armed with our beauty tricks, we hope your party season and party eye make-up are better than ever this year.

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