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Scalp Scrubs: the latest anti-dandruff hair care trend

Scalp Scrubs: the latest anti-dandruff hair care trend

If you suffer from dandruff, it might be time to consider investing in a scalp scrub. We give the lowdown on the haircare trend bloggers and hair professionals love and why it really works.

Scalp exfoliation: what’s it all about?

For years scalp scrubs have been a well-kept haircare secret used by professionals, but now this effective treatment for dandruff is finally hitting the mainstream, with off-the-shelf products becoming increasingly popular. Many dandruff sufferers are considering scalp scrubs as an alternative to traditional shampoos and this intriguing exfoliation technique has recently been gaining a lot of attention on hair and beauty blogs, but can it really help with symptoms of dandruff?

Hair expert Matthieu Ségiuer, owner and lead stylist at Parisian salon Salon Séguier, thinks so. He says: “Taking care of your scalp is as important as taking care of your skin. We know that the scalp is composed of the same kind of hydrolipic film as the skin, as well as being exposed to the same kind of external aggressors. This means that regularly exfoliating the scalp, just as we do our face and body, is also important for overall hair health.”

How scalp scrubs can help with symptoms of dandruff

The act of exfoliating removes dead skin cells and encourages blood flow to the scalp - essential for healthy hair. However, if you suffer from recurring dandruff, it’s important to also opt for a clinically proven solution that targets the excess oil responsible for dandruff. Treatments such as Vichy Dercos Micro Peel Shampoo, an exfoliating anti-dandruff shampoo for oily scalps, targets both the hair condition and the appearance of the scalp. It contains Salicylic acidand that exfoliates and soothes the scalp to leave it looking healthier. It’s also enriched with glycerinand niacinamide, which helps to condition the hair and reduce the appearance of greasy hair.[1]

So, if you’re noticing a build-up of greasy dandruff that just won’t budge, don’t hesitate to treat your hair to an exfoliating treatment to ensure both your scalp and your hair stays healthy and looking it’s best.

This article is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.

[1] Dercos Micro Peel study participants noted that hair volume increased by 57%. Clinical test conducted by L’Oréal Research. 15 women and 17 men. Average age: 32. Subjects used Dercos Micro-Peel Shampoo twice a week for four weeks, using a neutral shampoo for three weeks-pre treatment and four weeks post-treatment.

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