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Tattoo cover-up make-up for complete coverage

Tattoo cover-up make-up for complete coverage

Tattoo Make-Up: Everything You Need For Complete Coverage Getting a tattoo can seem like a great idea at the time but later on, you may start having second thoughts. Maybe you’re attending a special function and don’t want to show off your tattoo? Or, perhaps you’re arranging a photoshoot with family or friends and don’t want your tattoo to be the focus of the photo? The good news is that expert tattoo coverage is easier than you think...

How to cover a tattoo

Traditional make-up that is meant for everyday use can provide good coverage for many skin conditions, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll offer complete coverage for tattoos.

Tattoos that contain darker colours and ones that are denser in design can be trickier to cover up. The good news is that Vichy’s Dermablend range of make-up is designed to hide most tattoos.

Start by cleansing and moisturising the area where the tattoo is as this ensures you have a perfect base on which to apply the rest of your tattoo make-up.

Then apply a foundation that’s designed with coverage to cover tattoos.Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation is a high coverage foundation that’s enriched with salicylic acid and eperulin  and offers up to 16 hours of expert coverage. Available in five shades it’s buildable to be suitable for use on all skin tones.

Place a small amount of Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation on to your skin with a brush or your fingertips. Gently work into the skin and then with a large brush or your fingertips work it outwards to create a seamless finish. Depending on the coverage you want to achieve you may need to apply a couple of coats.

If your tattoo is dark in design or contains lots of colour you may also wish to apply a concealer. Dermablend SOS Cover Stick provides extremely high coverage for up to 16 hours.

Recommended by dermatologists, Dermablend SOS Cover Stick formula includes a mix of minerals, beeswax, carnauba wax and lightweight oil and can be easily blended. Dab the stick onto the areas you want to cover, being careful not to press too hard. Next, using your fingertips blend the concealer to cover your tattoo.

To lock your tattoo coverage into place for even longer, gently apply a layer of Dermablend Setting Powder using the powder puff provided. As our Dermablend Setting Powder provides a smudge and water-resistant finish you don’t have to worry about coverage loss or your tattoo coverage rubbing off onto garments.

Dermablend make-up range is tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control, ensuring it’s suitable for all skin types. For all your complete coverage needs, shop the full Dermablend range.

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