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Your summer makeup and skincare regime

Your summer makeup and skincare regime

No Make-Up Make-Up: Prepping Your Skin For Summer Make-Up Sunshine beaming through the window and warming temperatures on your skin signal summer. Whether you spend your summer in the city, by the coast or surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature in the countryside, rising temperatures and intense sunshine can play havoc with your make-up. So, what can you do to maintain a healthy complexion and achieve perfect make-up all day? Let’s find out…

What affect heat and sun can have on your make-up

While you may long to enjoy your summer days, heat and sunlight aren’t your make-up’s best friend. In response to soaring temperatures, humidity and the sun’s rays, your body releases a liquid from its sweat glands (what we know as perspiration or sweat) to cool you down. This is your body’s natural way of preventing you from overheating. But, sweat can make it feel like your make-up is sliding off your face. 

Discover how prepping your skin and removing make-up is key to maintaining lasting summer make-up coverage, keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy through the hot summer months. 

Your summer skincare and makeup regime  

To create a clean base on which to apply your make-up, start off with a cleanser to remove any dirt, irritants and environmental aggressors such as pollution or pollen. Try one of Vichy’s Pureté Thermal Cleansers.

Next, treat your skin to a dose of hydration with Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Hydration Acid Booster. Formulated with natural origin Hyaluronic Acid and 89% Vichy Mineralizing Water, Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster is your skin’s daily dose of strength.

You’ll be pleased to know that Vichy’s Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Booster has been tested by dermatologists under real-life conditions to ensure optimal efficiency and suitability for sensitive skin. To enjoy a plumped and strengthened complexion, apply every morning to clean, dry skin. 

Follow this with a foundation that is specially formulated for up to 16 hour hold and up to 24 hour hydration. Vichy’s Mineralblend Fluid Foundation is enriched with mineral pigments, Hyaluronic Acid that is known to hydrate and plump your skin and Glycerin. The formula, enriched with this trio of active ingredients, creates a natural finish that lasts up to 16 hours, while the foundation’s lightweight formula allows your skin to breathe.

For an all-over application, dab Mineralblend Fluid Foundation to the centre of your face and gently blend the foundation outwards using your fingertips or a foundation brush. To provide further coverage for imperfections like pigmentations or spots, dab a small amount of the foundation to the affected cover and again gently blend using your fingertips or a brush to build up the coverage. Much like a BB cream, this foundation offers buildable cover to even out skin tone with the benefits of your favourite skin care.

At the end of a long summer day, don’t forget that cleansing. Not only does it remove your make-up, but it also removes any impurities or environmental aggressors that have built up on your skin during the day. And, which can be the cause of your skin’s premature ageing. Removing your make-up at the end of the day also reduces the risk of blemishes, redness and spots appearing as your skin is given the chance to breathe overnight.  

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