Festival skincare guide

Heading to a festival this summer? Find out how to take care of your skin without com

Heading to a festival this summer? Find out how to take care of your skin without compromising on fun.

Festival skincare guide
Festival skincare guide

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a weekend or two away at a festival. A mixture of sunshine, music, fun and late nights might make for some great memories, but it can also spell danger for your skincare regime. Follow these festival skincare essentials to make sure your summer glow stays intact.

1. Keep your skin cleansed

Pack a small bottle of rinse-free micellar water or micellar solution and some cotton wool pads so you’ll be able to cleanse your face and remove makeup every night, even if there’s no running water available. Micellar waters aren’t just toners – they actively cleanse your skin as well as freshening it. Micellar products contain micelles – tiny ball-shaped structures formed from cleansing molecules that start working when they make contact with your skin.

2. Protect skin from the sun

Staying out of the sun might not be an option while you’re at a festival, so make sure your sun protection is working hard to offset any sun exposure. Choose a product with a high or very high SPF rating and re-apply it as needed during the day on all areas of exposed skin. Bring a hat to shade your face and neck from the sun, too. Good sun protection comes in various shapes and sizes, from comfortable dry-touch oils to creams, milks and lotions that will hydrate skin at the same time as protecting it.

3. Bring BB cream as well as foundation

A good quality BB cream will do most things your foundation can – covering blemishes, evening out skintone and giving skin a natural-looking finish – but with the addition of sun protection and skincare benefits, too. Put this multi-tasker in your backpack as a quick and easy foundation alternative.  When choosing a BB cream, look for one that suits your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin, or want to target specific skin concerns like signs of ageing, pigmentation spots or blemishes.

4. Hydrate and glow

Sun exposure, dancing, late nights – all these things can add up to skin that looks dull and dehydrated. Use a lightweight serum to hydrate your skin comfortably. Choose one with light-reflecting properties too, as it will help restore your skin’s healthy-looking glow.

5. Pack a thermal water spray

Feeling groggy after a night in a tent? Spritz your skin with a soothing thermal water spray to wake up and feel fresh for the day’s adventures.