#Flawless: the best makeup for blemish-prone skin

Applying foundation to blemish-prone skin doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Read on for o

Applying foundation to blemish-prone skin doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Read on for our top tips on achieving a smooth, flawless high-coverage finish.

#Flawless: the best makeup for blemish-prone skin
#Flawless: the best makeup for blemish-prone skin

Choose the right foundation formulas for blemish-prone skin

If you suffer from spots, redness or scarring, you’re probably seeking a full-coverage formula to effectively disguise any discoloration or areas where skin tone is uneven. Skin that’s prone to blemishes usually - but not always - struggles with excessive sebum production, so opt for a mattifying formula that soaks up any residual oil.

Today’s advanced foundation formulas often include soothing ingredients that help to reduce imperfections as well as disguising them. Look for hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) formulations to avoid irritating upset or delicate skin. If you like a powder formula then Vichy’s Dermablend Covermatte Compact Powder Foundation is recommended by dermatologists as the high coverage formula is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and enriched with active dermatological ingredients including zinc gluconate, salicylic acid and vitamin E.

If your preference is for a more liquid formulation then Vichy Dermablend [3D CORRECTION] Foundation is perfect, as it is specifically designed for oily and blemish-prone skin and enriched with ingredients that help tackle blemishes whilst simultaneously covering concerns. The high coverage, lightweight foundation instantly mattifies and smoothes the skin's surface whilst minimising the appearance of imperfections.  The formula, enriched with dermatologically active ingredients such as eperulin and salicylic acid, soothes the feel of skin and reduces the appearance of concerns. Added SPF 25 further protects the skin from environmental aggressors.


Apply your foundation so that it lasts

When applying makeup to acne-prone skin, make sure that it’s fully cleansed and prepped first. Liquid foundations can sometimes prove difficult to blend, so always use a brush for an even, flawless finish and set with powder to ensure your makeup won’t budge.

Follow these simple rules not only will you be guaranteed a flawlessly, fresh looking complexion but you can also be safe in the knowledge that your skin is being dermatologically treated to help improve imperfections rather than just cover them. For better-looking skin day after day!