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Got blemishes, must shave: a straight-talking guide for young men

You’re a man, not a teenager anymore. Yet still you have blemishes – and you need to shave. How can you get the job done without blood, sweat and tears?

Got blemishes, must shave:  a straight-talking guide for young men

Face facts

The same male hormones that give you your mojo also stimulate the oil glands in your skin – those glands are often hyperactive in young men between the ages of 15 and 30. “Men with oily skin need to pay particular attention to the active ingredients of their shaving and skincare products,” advises Loubna. “Antibacterial action should be the number one priority.” That’s because when you shave blemished skin, bacteria dive right into cuts and scrapes, causing infection – which may cause more blemishes.

No soap!

Men with blemish-prone skin should steer clear of soap-based shave foams. Why? Loubna fills us in: “Soap is harsh. It can actually contribute to the over-production of sebum, the last thing that your oily skin needs!” Since shaving is tough enough on your face, it makes sense not to double down with irritating products. Instead, Loubna recommends using soap-free shaving foam enriched with emollients – glycerin, for example. That’s because softening agents help the blade glide over skin, reducing the risk of inflammation and razor burn. 

Loubna’s no-soap rule applies to cleansers as well. “An anti-bacterial gel that contains salicylic acid will not only purify your skin, it will also help slough away dead cells that block up pores and can result in blemishes, blackheads or ingrown beard hairs.” Good to know: the simple gesture of massaging the gel cleanser thoroughly into your face helps loosen skin debris and send it down the drain.

How about a drink?

Oily skin gets thirsty, too. “Shaving breaks down the skin’s protective hydrolipidic barrier, which is why men with oily complexions also experience sensations of dryness and tightness,” explains Loubna. “Hydrating skincare made expressly for oily skin should be applied directly after cleansing and shaving. Here again, look for a multi-tasking product that exfoliates the skin and fights blemishes with anti-bacterial action.”

A final word from Loubna: remember that your entire face requires a moisturising cream – not just the parts you shave. “Products formulated specifically for oily male skin offer the added benefit of keeping your nose and forehead shine-free.”

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