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How the sun can be one of our skin’s worst enemies

There’s no denying the fact that we all find ourselves more attractive in summer. But as pharmacy technician Loubna Id Said explains, the sun can be an enemy in disguise for our skin.

How the sun can be one of our skin’s worst enemies

The sun merely conceals a dull complexion

Tanned skin doesn’t make your shallow complexion go away – it is still there underneath. A dull complexion is caused by inappropriate skincare products that don’t moisturise the skin enough. But long UVA rays can also contribute to that shallow look. For Loubna Id Said, there is “only one solution: use a moisturising day cream under sunscreen with a high UV protection factor (SPF 50+ for pale or sensitive skin)”.

Sun exposure thickens the skin and causes blemishes

To protect itself from harmful UV rays, the skin produces melanin (which causes it to tan) and becomes thicker. The thicker the skin, the less radiant it is, and the less able it is to hydrate itself properly. When you come back from your holiday, you often get a build-up of blemishes known as the “rebound effect”. So what’s the best way to limit the damage? It’s vital to protect your skin with a high-SPF sunscreen. “UV rays might dry out troublesome areas but they also thicken the skin, block pores and cause a build-up of sebum. Exfoliate your face no more than once a week when you’re on holiday, and avoid the sun at peak times.

Smile! You’re on holiday

Fashion photographer Jair Sfez gives us some advice on achieving that radiant look for your holiday snaps. As you wait for your photo to be taken:
·       Pull faces to relax your features.
·       Pinch your cheeks to make them rosy.
·       Lightly bite your lips to give them a brighter colour.   

·       A three-quarter profile is most flattering, so turn slightly. 
·       Pull in your chin and open your eyes just before the shutter is released (or just before the flash) to make your look really sparkle.

Jair SfezPhotographe de mode