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How to apply your skincare products

Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist, shares her expert advice on how and when to apply yo

Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist, shares her expert advice on how and when to apply your skincare products.

How to apply your skincare products
How to apply your skincare products

Exfoliators help remove the upper, dead skin cells which will help your skincare renew and for your skincare products to be absorbed better.

The First Step is to apply your eye makeup remover

This should be the first step in your cleansing routine

Apply your EMR to a cotton pad and hold over your eye area for 5-10 seconds, to allow the product to get to work. This allows the EMR to dissolve the eye makeup for it to be removed easier.


The cleanser you use depends primarily on what format you prefer. 

Vichy’s Purete Thermal range includes oils, micellar waters, gels and creams and therefore whatever format you prefer you can find the right cleanser for you. Wipe off cleansers tend to offer multiple-benefits such as cleansing and toning, in addition to removing make up. If you’re using a creamy cleanser such as Purete Thermal 3in1 you can also wet the cotton pad before using which will help avoid dragging on your skin.

If you prefer a rinse off cleanser: 

  • Wet your face and apply the product by making circular movements with your fingers, avoiding the eye contour area. Ensure you also cleanse your neck.
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry gently, don’t over rub as it will cause irritation).

Exfoliation and masks

Exfoliation and masks should be part of your weekly skincare routine. Everyone should exfoliate once a week or twice a month. 

  • Exfoliators: help remove the upper, dead skin cells which will help your skincare renew and for your skincare products to be absorbed better.  Ensure you are gentle when you exfoliate – gently rub in rather than scrub too hard.

  • Masks: should be used once or twice a week. Face masks deliver concentrated skincare benefits and create an optimum environment to help your skin regenerate. They should be designed for your skincare need, whether that’s to provide intense hydration, help unclog pores or provide an intense cleanse.


Toners should be used next in your regime. They are used to finish off the cleansing process by removing any excess product and purify the skin further.

  • These are usually applied with cotton pads across the face avoiding the area.
  • Some water sprays also contain toning and soothing benefits, these can be applied by spraying directly onto the skin.
  • These waters leave the skin feeling cleansed and soothed

Eye Creams

Applying the eye cream first means you won’t get any other residual product on the eye area. Ensure you don’t apply too much. A pea size amount is about right for each eye. Use your ring finger which is the most delicate finger and apply for the eye contour area both below and above you eye. Don’t go inside the orbital bone. When it comes to your skincare always apply products thinnest to thickest therefore you should start with your serum.


A serum is a fast-acting, intensive, transformative care to address a specific skincare concern. They highly concentrated formulas that absorb quickly into the skin due to their small molecular structure. This should be used before a moisturiser, ideally, both morning and evening. Massage the serum across the whole face including the neck, avoiding the eye area. Massage in circular upward motions to help circulation.


A daily (morning and evening) moisturising routine ensures the skin is equipped with all it needs to perform at its best. A day care formula is used to provide moisturise, a nourished feel and protect the skin from external aggressors. A night care formula is designed to comfort the skin and promote an optimal environment for effective cellular renewal. Use about a 20pence piece amount and rub between your fingertips. Massage in circular upwards motions across your face. If you have time spend some time massaging your moisturiser into your skin, this helps stimulate blood flow.

Sun Cream

Finally, always end your skincare regime with a broad spectrum SPF sun cream. Ensure it is applied to the whole face, neck and don’t forget the ears!

Anjali MahtoConsultant Dermatologist