How to beat 'the tired look

Vichy’s Expert Make Up Artist Claire Ray shares her top 10 tips on how to look less tir

Vichy’s Expert Make Up Artist Claire Ray shares her top 10 tips on how to look less tired

How to beat 'the tired look
How to beat 'the tired look

You can make your eyes appear brighter by applying a kohl white pencil in the corner of your eyes.

Whether you’ve had a week of late nights at the office or you’re up and down with a baby each night, lack of sleep can take its toll on our skin leaving it looking dull and tired.

However, no matter what is keeping you up at night, Vichy’s expert Make Up Artist, Claire Ray, shares her top tips on how to look less tired each morning

  • Don’t apply your make up when you first wake up.It takes a while for your face to ‘settle’ and for the puffiness to calm down. So change your routine and do your make up last.
  • Place cold metal spoons on your eyelids for a few minutes to tighten up the skin before you apply makeup, it'll help calm the skin and make make up easier to apply. Also invest in an eye cream that helps illuminate the eyes such as Vichy’s Idealia Eyes.
  • Your skin can look a bit sallow with lack of sleep. So to get the glow back use an iridescent powder over forehead, cheeks and eyelids for an instant pick me up for lifeless skin.
  • Use a good night moisturiser like Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep. This will smooth skin texture, plump out fine lines with moisture and give you a great canvas to apply your foundation to. It’s been tested on hard working nurses, flight attendants and mums so really put to the test.
  • Pink eyes are a tell tale sign of a late night. A white kohl pencil is a miracle stick! Run along the inner rim of lower eyes, close eyes to transfer onto the upper eye rim and apply one more coat, and pink eyes will look like they’ve disappeared.
  • Curl lashes - Curling your eyelashes will really open up yours eyes and make you appear like you’ve had a good night’s sleep. To help hold the curl in place, apply your mascara immediately after curling
  • If you are looking tired distract attention and play up your lips with a bright colour. Bright lips, berry stain or gloss or both will immediately create a well-rested, happy illusion . People will naturally only stare at your mouth when there is a bold colour and that pulls focus away from your tired eyes.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week with an exfoliator such as Vichy Normaderm’s 3in1 Scrub.This helps stimulate the blood flow, removes dry dead skin cells that can give you a sallow look, and gives skin healthy looking pink glow.
  • Bronze up your skin with some fake tan. Tanned looking skin always alludes to rest and holiday; it is another way to detract from looking tired. Bronzed skin combined with bright lips alone will make you look very well rested.