Ideal skin for all: dream or reality?

Ideal skin for all: dream or reality?
Ideal skin for all: dream or reality?
Ideal skin for all: dream or reality?
Ideal skin for all:  dream or reality?

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

According to scientific studies by L’Oréal Research, the quality of our skin plays a crucial role in how old we are perceived to be. Many of us scrutinise our faces in front of the mirror, tracking the smallest detail and dreaming of looking several years younger. Apart from wrinkles and fine lines, skin quality is often a determining factor in how old we are perceived to be, says Roland Bazin, a specialist in scientific evaluation at L’Oréal Research.

So, what is the ideal skin?

Every woman has her own definition of ideal skin! Some women may want to be wrinkle-free, some wish for zero imperfections and spots while others imagine ideal skin to be without freckles. Our judgement is both subjective and personal and may be influenced by our age, origin, culture and even by current beauty trends. For Roland Bazin, ideal skin has "an even, regular texture, like a baby's skin, with no noticeable pores, skin that has no marks or visible thread veins, with a luminous, even complexion." 

Women with flawless skin can be perceived to look up to 5 years younger… and often up to 10 years younger for those with radiant skin! Conversely, some factors are likely to make you look years older. Skin that is vulnerable to damage (from pollution, smoking, etc.), or that is not properly looked after and protected from the sun is thicker and duller or "leathery." In conclusion, there are many reasons which may prevent you from achieving your ideal skin – from smoking, to overexposure of UV rays, to diet and alcohol, lack of sleep or a poor or unbeneficial skincare routine.

The right technique for immediate results

Applying your skincare with the right technique can transform your skin immediately. When applying creams to the face and neck, use a simple massage technique by smoothing the product in a quick, upwards motion. Just after, envelop your face with your palms spread out flat for a few seconds. Lastly, slightly pinch the skin on each side of your face, starting at the chin and moving up towards the forehead. These last two steps will help stimulate the skin and improve circulation, giving you a natural glow and fading the appearance of lines and wrinkles. If you want to know more about achieving your Ideal Skin, take our exclusive skin diagnosis today.

Roland BazinScientific evaluation specialist, L'Oréal Research