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Kickstart your day in the best possible way

Women all over the world are on an endless mission to discover the perfect way to juggle their duties – as a mum, as a wife and as career equal. It’s not easy, but kick starting your day in the smartest, most positive way possible will help to make the rest of your day run smoothly. Practice these rituals daily and enjoy the seamless days that follow.

Kickstart your day in the best possible way

Prep the night before

Take 15 minutes to decide on what you’re going to wear the night before. This will save time wasting in the morning – but always give yourself two options.

Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier

Allow yourself some me-time before your partner or the children wake up – enjoy a hot peaceful cup of tea and pack your handbag for the day ahead, fret-free.

Do a power work out

If getting to the gym or to an early morning class is near impossible so don’t set yourself up for a fail. Try a 15-minute power work out or stress-busting yoga session at home using an online video.

Get your fruit fix

Knowing you’ve accomplished two of your five-a-day before 9am will make you feel positive about a day of healthy eating. Add berries to cereal, porridge or blitz fruit together for an on-the-go smoothie.

Listen to music

Music is a mood-enhancer, fact. Create a playlist with all of your favourite tracks to play on route to work or whilst you’re getting ready.

Walk where possible

Switch up your journey to work so you walk part of the way to tag on another ten minutes of exercise into your day. Or leave the car behind for at least one of the school run trips.

Protect your skin

Treat your skin to a two-minute massage with a good nourishing face cream that contains a good level of SPF to fend off damaging UV rays.

Embrace a list

Jotting down a quick to-do list over breakfast will relieve you of trying to remember everything! And the satisfaction of crossing each thing off throughout the day will make it all the more satisfying.

Take a vitamin

Checklist off all your body’s needs by getting into a regular habit of taking a multi vitamin.

Lipstick matters

Applying a power pout is like a uniform – it’ll take you from mum mode to boardroom power-player. Looking good will help you feel good, too.