Let's talk about hormones

Many women notice changes to their skin during the menstrual cycle, from angry flare-ups to i

Many women notice changes to their skin during the menstrual cycle, from angry flare-ups to increased oiliness. If your period leaves you feeling less than lovely, read on to discover how to keep your complexion looking calm and beautiful each month.

Let's talk about hormones
Let's talk about hormones

Don’t forget to cleanse

When you know your period is due, make sure you’re paying even closer attention to your skincare routine. Try to never sleep in makeup as this may clog the pores and worsen imperfections and blemishes. Instead, cleanse morning and evening using a product suited to imperfection-prone skin. We love Normaderm’s Purifying Cleansing gel as it helps clear excess sebum and impurities and leaves the skin looking less oily.


Tackle blemishes with gentle exfoliation

If you find that most of your breakouts appear around the chin and jawline, a liquid exfoliator will help to keep the skin clear and free from oil while removing dead surface skin. Enriched with blueberry polyphenols, fermented black tea extract & Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, Vichy’s Idealia Night Peel is a great choice as it creates a soft peeling effect on the skin. It’s designed to work while you sleep, reactivating your natural glow and leaving the skin feeling refreshed and refined. Try it every few days to begin with, increasing usage after a couple of weeks.


Even oily skin needs moisturiser

If you have oily, blemish-prone skin, you may think that moisturiser is the last thing you need. In actual fact, hydration is crucial to a healthy complexion and many oil-fighting products can leave the skin feeling a little tight and parched. Look for a lightweight moisturiser enriched with ceramides or humectants, as these types of formulations mimic the types of moisture found naturally in the skin. Normaderm’s Correcting Anti-Blemish Care provides up to 24-hours of hydration and is specifically formulated to address skin imperfections, enriched with an ultra-light substance called Airlicium, (one of the innovations that helps to disperse and absorb sebum) and resurfacing Salicylic Acid.