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Sensitive skin?

Blush no more about your complexion!
Blush no more about your complexion!
Sensitive skin?
Sensitive skin?

With make-up, the first stage generally involves evening out the complexion with powder or foundation. This gives immediate results but can sometimes be disappointing for sensitive skin. Find out ways to deal with this effect...

There are plenty of symptoms, including signs of dryness on some areas, thread veins and spider veins, and permanent or semi-permanent red patches. While some symptoms form over time, others appear without warning along with a hot, tingling sensation a little like a hot flush, an untimely redness when the temperature changes abruptly or at times of stress. These uncomfortable situations may lead to a lack of self-confidence and the dream is to find a foundation that helps mask all those little imperfections.

Find the right foundation for you
Beware of unsuitable foundations which can literally smother your skin. Foundations with thick textures or too much coverage can inflame the skin and lead to the opposite of what you want. Choose foundations that let the skin breathe and check that the formula has been tested on sensitive skin.

Rediscover the pleasure of make-up 
To get out of this vicious circle, Emmanuelle Foucaud, skin and beauty consultant at the Vichy Institute advises: "First and foremost, check that your skin is well hydrated. Choose a hypoallergenic formula that is non-comodogenic and doesn't dry skin. To ensure that it sets properly, apply your foundation using a sponge or brush. Always work from the inside of the face outwards for a natural finish. These formulae can also be used locally. Just tap with the finger on the problem area: imperfection, broken veins, etc."

Be careful to clean the sponge or brush afterwards so that they don't turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. You can use shampoo to gently clean brush hairs. Gently sponge dry with a towel and leave to dry horizontally so that the hairs don't come off. 

Finally, choosing a featherweight foundation has a major advantage when it comes to removing it. It requires less wiping with cotton wool so less irritating rubbing on the skin to thoroughly eliminate all pigments. One final valuable piece of advice for removing make-up from sensitive skin is to use a micellar solution or any other product that does not need to be rinsed off.   

Double whammy
"Combining the application of a moisturising cream with a self-massage reactivates microcirculation, deeply stimulates skin tissue and smooth’s out uneven skin," advises Emmanuelle Foucaud, Consultant at the Vichy Institute.