Summer skincare essentials

Lazy days in the sunshine, bright mornings and warm evenings are on their way. Get yo

Lazy days in the sunshine, bright mornings and warm evenings are on their way. Get your beauty regime ready for the summer with these essential products.

Summer skincare essentials
Summer skincare essentials

Hydrating serum

We often associate dehydrated-looking, dryness-prone skin with harsh winter conditions, but your skin needs regular hydration throughout the summer months, too. With high temperatures and more time spent outdoors, it’s important to make sure you keep your hydration levels topped up. A lightweight serum is a great way to leave skin feeling nourished without overwhelming it with a rich heavy formula. You can apply it morning and evening to soften and hydrate the feeling of your skin. It also makes a good base for makeup.

Facial sun protection

A good quality sun protection product is your number 1 summer essential. As well as looking at the SPF rating (higher is better – look for SPF15 or above) it’s important to choose one with broad-spectrum coverage. This will protect against a wide range of UV rays including most UVA and UVB wavelengths, so your skin is guarded against the long-term effects of sun exposure, like wrinkles and pigmentation problems, as well as short-term ones. Most good quality facial sun protection products come in variants to suit different skin types. There are lightweight gel products that protect your skin without leaving it greasy, more nourishing products for dryness-prone skin, and tinted suncare to give your skin a glow. So suncare can fit into your daily skincare and makeup routine with no fuss. Don't forget to apply after sun at the end of the day too.

Lip balm

Like the rest of your skin, lips are prone to dehydration during the summer months as well as in winter. Because the skin on your lips is thin, delicate and often sensitive, it’s even more important to care for it when the weather’s hot. You can keep your lips looking smooth and hydrated with a rich and nourishing lip balm. Plus it will also provide a good base for lipstick.

BB cream

BB creams are the ultimate multi-taskers, and really come into their own during the summer. BB creams add a touch of colour and even bring out your skin tone, while also providing skincare benefits. You can find BB creams that cater to sensitive skin, ones designed to tackle blemishes, and oily skin BB creams that mattify the skin. Which means you get suncare benefits and can skip on foundation, too – ideal for summer days when you just want to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth. Don’t forget to apply sun protection too!