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The French Pharmacy Cult

Pharmacies in France have become meccas for beauty aficionados in search of excellent beauty product
Pharmacies in France have become meccas for beauty aficionados in search of excellent beauty products that really work. Read on to find out why.
The French Pharmacy Cult
The French Pharmacy Cult

The French Pharmacy Cult

French women have long been renowned for their ageless beauty, sense of style and haute beauty savoir. Their discerning tastes mean that the selection of beauty products on offer at any French pharmacy not only have to be top quality but also highly effective to meet their expectations. It’s no wonder that these emporiums have become havens for some of the most innovative products in the world and that French pharmacy products often achieve cult status worldwide, with a coterie of celebrity fans and devoted followers flying in to swoop up the latest offerings.

Natalie Portman, recently cited the products she sourced from French pharmacies as one of her top beauty secrets. One of the great things about products on display at pharmacies in France is that they are often targeted to particular skin problems and types and contain mineral-rich ingredients that really work. Many of the products have also been developed with health professionals or in conjunction with the pharmacists themselves, so their efficacy is strictly tested. Moreover, the guardians of these meccas —the lab-coated salespeople on the shop floor—are extremely knowledgeable and qualified to know about your skin type and what might benefit it. They are therefore likely to be able to steer you in the right direction should you need help with your particular beauty needs.

Vichy is one of the top brands available in French pharmacies, and has different ranges tailored to suit each skin type. For example, The Normaderm range is made specifically for oily skin and all the products are non-comedogenic, so they won't block pores. As well as being specially formulated for sensitive skin, all Vichy’s skincare products are hypoallergenic and free from parabens.

As you’d expect, Vichy’s formulas are also developed in partnership with health professionals such as pharmacists & dermatologists, and their efficacy is tested under strict medical control. The tests are based on no fewer than 54 different expert methods, making Vichy one of the skincare industry’s premier innovators.

So, tap into the French pharmacy culture for transformational beauty products that have expert knowledge and ingredients behind them. Your skin will thank you.