The secret to naturally tight and bright skin

Vitamin C found in foods such as oranges, strawberries and grapefruits has long been known to

Vitamin C found in foods such as oranges, strawberries and grapefruits has long been known to boost the body’s immune system. But are you aware at just how beneficial it can be for your skin? Discover how this powerful antioxidant can help you achieve a brighter, firmer and more rested complexion in just 10 days.

The secret to naturally tight and bright skin
The secret to naturally tight and bright skin

A busy job, hectic social life and lack of sleep can all contribute to a grey and lacklustre complexion, not to mention high levels of pollution and harmful UV rays in the environment. But what can you do to protect your skin from these factors and restore a healthy, luminous glow?


You probably already know that Vitamin C is good for your skin in some form, but you may not have considered just how much. In fact, this naturally occurring active ingredient is vital to the healthy functioning of the body and works hard at fighting against oxidative stress-and free radicals – both common causes of environmental skin ageing. 


“Vitamin C boosts cell metabolism which means that skin is better able to recover and deal with visible signs of fatigue,” explains Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto. “It also stimulates collagen synthesis, helping skin to keep its elasticity and fight against damage linked to oxidative stress. Furthermore, it reduces the appearance of dull or tired skin - often linked to a build-up of dead cells. All in all, an excellent ingredient for glowing skin”.


While the long-term benefits of vitamin C are clearly effective, this multi-tasking active ingredient also has instant results too. This is due to the way it penetrates quickly and deeply into the layers of the epidermis allowing it to reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost radiance and even out the complexion.


But what is the best way to apply Vitamin C topically? Serums, such as Vichy’s Liftactiv Brightening Skin Corrector, are the perfect way to reap its benefits. This breakthrough solution is formulated with 15% pure vitamin C and 11 other ingredients including hydrating fragmented hyaluronic acid.


Designed as a 10-day treatment, Vichy’s Liftactiv Brightening Skin Corrector acts as a ‘wake-up call’ for the skin helping it to look smoother, radiant and more hydrated. Dr Anjali Mahto, a Consultant Dermatologist recommends using a product such as this before you want to look your best.


Vitamin C is a brilliant topical skincare ingredient as it helps brighten the skin and reduces pigmentation. I’d advise using the LiftActiv Vitamin C Brightening Corrector before a big event or whenever you need rested looking skin in less than two weeks”.


After cleansing, apply four to five drops to the face using the convenient dropper and gently massage into the skin. Clinical tests shown after just 10 days 83% of women found their skin appeared brighter, while 71% felt their skin appeared smoother.


Try introducing vitamin C into your skincare regime today when your social calendar starts to fill up. It’s the perfect way to help your skin feel naturally brighter and tighter.




This article is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, changing your exercise regime or starting any new course of conduct.