Tips to stay super healthy when you're super busy

Here’s how…

By making some simple lifestyl

Here’s how…

By making some simple lifestyle tweaks you can balance a happy and healthy lifestyle even if you're always on the go.

Tips to stay super healthy when you're super busy
Tips to stay super healthy when you're super busy

Life just got really busy. Smart phones, work demands, family commitments and financial strains means that we have less time than ever before. As a consequence, convenience dictates everything. It may be impossible to claw back any extra free time, but by implementing a few habitual changes we can maintain a healthier lifestyle whilst always on the go.

Suss your cravings

We’re all guilty of giving in to a craving or two, especially when an afternoon tea round leaves you reaching for the biscuit tin. Often, convenience forces us to make the wrong food choices, especially now that we are busier than ever. There is a solution though – be prepared. Make portable containers and sealable freezer bags your new best friend. Carry healthy ready-made snacks to combat cravings- it’ll help you manage portion control, too. Whip up a home-made mix of nuts, seeds, chopped dates, and you can even throw in a few dark chocolate drops if you really need to curb a sweet binge. Otherwise, look online for some great protein ball recipes that are handbag friendly and batch make them on a Sunday for the week ahead.

Up your water intake

There’s a really good way to monitor your daily intake of water, and that’s to use a refillable water bottle. Big glass bottles are thought to be more hygienic, but when you’re on the move they’re not always practical. Alternatively, fill up smaller portable bottles at the beginning of the day and sip away on the move until you’ve hit your target. If you’re not a big drinker, swap all other fruit juices or wine for two glasses for water for at least five days of the week or drink two glasses of water with every meal to crack hydration.

Commit to one fresh and healthy meal a day

Leaving home early and returning back from work late can limit our food choices – quickness is everything! Equally, travel commitments may result in you eating out lots - indulgent food temptations and no control of what goes into your meals may lead you astray from your healthily eating plan. The answer - make a pact with yourself to ensure that every day includes one fresh, healthy meal at least.

Implement routine

Routines ensure consistency. Setting unrealistic goals, like trying to make an evening boxercise classes on a weeknight can set you up for a fail. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Set aside a realist time slot you can stick to. Leave multivitamins beside your alarm clock to help supplement your body's vitamins and minerals daily. And never slip into bed without removing every trace of make-up and replenishing skin with a nourishing moisturiser – you’ll feel better for it. Leave all the necessary products conveniently in view as a reminder and for ease.

Walk when you can

The most achievable lifestyle goal that you can stick to is to walk where and when you can - to work and from work, or the school run, or swapping social lunch dates with wine for power walks with power smoothies. Take the stairs, over lifts, and climb the escalators whenever they present themselves. Use an app on your smart phone or a pedometer to monitor your footsteps, and try and beat your record every day.