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Tired eye morning routine

How often do you wake up, only to find that the area around your eyes looks tired and dehydrated? These essential steps help to leave those pretty peepers looking revitalised and refreshed.

Tired eye morning routine

You can wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a muslin cloth and hold it over the eye area to leave them feeling revitalised.

Given the stresses and strains of modern life, it’s small wonder that so many of us wake up with tired-looking eyes. It’s a bad way to start the day, one that can leave you feeling self-conscious and short on confidence.   But there’s good news, you can do something about it. Start the day with the right skincare routine and you can help overcome tired looking eyes, and have that sensitive area looking fresh and fabulous. Here’s our step-by-step guide to what you need to do:

1. Prep your skin the night before

This is especially important if you know you’re going to be staying out late, or drinking alcohol. Throughout the evening, be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Then when you get home, use a product that specifically targets tired-looking eyes, such as Vichy Idealia Eyes.

This innovative product reduces the appearance of fine lines, as well as leaving the skin around the eye area feeling softer, hydrated and supple. It has a velvety texture and delicious scent that makes it a pleasure to use. 

2. Refresh those tired eyes

Some people swear by cucumber slices, others use wet tea bags. You can also wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a muslin cloth and hold it over the eye area to leave them feeling revitalised. Another popular trick is to hold a teaspoon in iced water and then hold the back of the spoon against the eye area.

3. Use a great concealer

The problem with some concealers is that they can cake into fine lines and wrinkles, making them even more visible. So how do you prevent that happening?

  • Firstly, use a concealer that’s especially designed for the eye area, rather than one made to hide blemishes.
  • Be sure to buy the right shade. Department-store lighting can be too flattering – daylight is the harshest light, so before buying a product, be sure to check how you look outside. A colour just ever so slightly lighter than your natural skin tone will make skin look bright and refreshed.
  • Remember to apply an eye cream before applying your concealer, as this will hydrate the area.
  • Refresh your concealer throughout the day by adding a touch of eye cream.

4. Use a great foundation

While you don’t want to go too heavy with foundation, a high-quality formulation will smooth and even out skin tone, leaving you with the perfect base for make-up.

These four simple steps should leave you looking wide-eyed and ready to go…