Ways to spend more time together

Hectic work schedules and a frantic family life can leave you and your partner with little time

Hectic work schedules and a frantic family life can leave you and your partner with little time together – but check out the innovative ways you can make it happen.

Ways to spend more time together
Ways to spend more time together

Binge on box sets

Getting stuck into a juicy box set will force you both to set strict bedtime rules for the kids to allow you to spend 30 minutes to an hour every night together – and the plots will give you loads to chat about before lights out.

Schedule date nights

Weekly date nights might be unrealistic, unless you make them homebound. Alternatively, book your favourite restaurant 4-6 weeks in advance. This will ensure you’ve set a date, and it’ll give you time to arrange a babysitter.

Make Sundays breakfasts-in-bed days

During the week, busy schedules interfere with the chance of a sit down breakfast. So make Sundays the day when you both enjoy a coffee and croissant in bed.

Implement phone rules

Modern day habits mean that we’re all guilty of being glued to our smart phones every spare second we have. Introduce an evening cut off time, and pop phones and tablets on lock down.

Start a hobby together

Whether it’s hitting a few balls at the golf range for fun, taking up dancing lessons, or working out at the gym - taking the time to do it together is a great way to bond.

Buy tickets for shows or concerts

If your favourite comedian or singer is in town, take advantage and snap up two tickets. It might be months away but at least you have a romantic date in the diary that you can both look forward to.

Maximise your lunch breaks

Whether you both work or not, if at all possible try and get together during your lunch hour - even if it’s just to eat sandwiches on park bench or grab a coffee.

Do menial chores together

Fighting over who does the most at-home chores is a common household row, but what about if you did them together. Pop on your favourite tunes and make time for a tea break together – problem solved.

Phone a friend

Friends with children will understand how tricky it is to get time together as a couple. Try setting up a system where you take it in turns to go out and babysit.

Family walks

Take a 15 minute weekend stroll before the weekend gets going – with or without the children to catch up without any distractions.

Cook together

When dinner needs doing, cook it together. Without any other interruptions you can compare notes on your day.

Go to bed earlier

Trotting off to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual leaves you with private time for cuddles and mischief.