Why am I starting to notice facial hairs in targeted zones during menopause?

Why am I starting to notice facial hairs in targeted zones during menopause?
Why am I starting to notice facial hairs in targeted zones during menopause?

How does menopause impact unwanted hair growth?

There are several types of human hairs produced by hairs follicles. Women of all ages have hairs follicles on their faces that normally produce soft, unnoticeable hairs. But around the perimenopause and menopause time, you might notice let’s say “less discrete” hairs growing on your face.

Could be above the lips, along your jawline and chin because of decreasing level of female hormones during menopause. But the small amount of testosterone women’s bodies produce may not diminish – lucky us, huh! Adrenal glands also produce some male hormones throughout your life. Therefore, during menopause an imbalance between male and female sex hormone levels occur. Relative excess of male hormones can trigger the growth of, again, “less discrete” facial hairs.

According to "British Journal of Dermatology" in a group of post-menopausal women:

  • 39 percent experienced excess growth of facial hairs, mostly on the chin.

Another report published in "Menopausal Health" in 2009 noted that in a group of 656 American women aged 50-79:

  • Extra facial hairs was present in 33% of women aged 50 -59,
  • and 54% of women 60-69.

 The study revealed no significant differences in facial hairs growth between Caucasian and African-American women.

Sure, you don’t necessarily want to join them, but we’re thinking it helps to know that this is something pretty common and there are people who can tell you about it and help you with it everywhere.

39 % of women experience excess growth of facial hairs

On the bright side, there are some treatment options for this problem depending on its severity. If the hairs are excessive and disturbing you might use a topical cream that slows hairs growth. Other treatments include waxing, electrolysis that destroys hairs follicles or laser hairs removal. We say, get rid of them and don’t think of them ever again!

Key elements to remember

Facial hairs growth during menopause is usual. In fact, it makes a lot of sense since hairs are a hormone matter and your hormones are having a tough time these days.

 So, topical cream, wax, laser, take your pick and make it go away!