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Vichy Mineralizing Water

Our unique active ingredient: Vichy volcanic mineralizing water.

The secret ingredient is naturally found Vichy volcanic mineralizing water, rich in 15 minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium. The main active ingredient found in Vichy skincare products.

From the preserved region of Auvergne Volcanoes in France, Vichy volcanic mineralizing water is preserved 4,000m deep where it is enriched with 15 minerals and mineral nutrients essential to skin health. This is where products continue to be developed today.

Sourced in a protected area that’s been preserved from pollution since 1874, the thermal water naturally reinforces the skin’s barrier. Rigorous control testing to ensure natural fortifying properties remain intact and traced.


Dermatological Actives

Developed and evaluated under dermatological control

Vichy’s formulas are developed and tested with health professionals from pharmacists to dermatologists.

Our active ingredients are introduced at the active dose.

Our laboratories continue to track each batch of products even after they’ve been released onto the market as part of our quality promise to you.


Doctor Haller Vichy Founder

The pioneer in dermocosmetics

At Vichy we are proud of our history. Doctor Haller became the director of Vichy Thermal Centre in 1931 where he discovered Vichy Mineralizing Water. He was the first to apply the therapeutic properties of this thermal water to cosmetics, creating the Vichy brand.

He was also a pioneer: thanks to his medical background he created new skincare routines based on a skin type approach, he launched the first Serum in pharmacies, and he developed beauty advice guides for women.

We've led the way in cosmetic and skincare innovation for over 80 years.


Vichy formula

Our formulations are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and clinically proven.

Vichy’s skincare products are hypoallergenic and formulated for sensitive skin. Using ingredients and fragrances developed against allergens. Clinically proven by dermatologists to ensure the best formula safety.

They use ingredients and fragrances developed against allergens, and are clinically proven by dermatologists to ensure the best formula safety.

To achieve this goal, our formulation process is guided by seven commitments that make each Vichy product unique.


Your personalised skincare routine

Find your strengths with Skinconsult AI. Developed by dermatologists. Powered by artificial intelligence. Find your recommended routine for healthy strong skin.

Vichy skincare routine
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