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Menopause and collagen loss: why does my skin sag?

You don’t look like you’re 20 anymore, and there’s nothing wrong about that because you've evolved a lot since being 20: you're more confident, you’ve achieved more, you know yourself way better. But yes, your skin starts sagging a bit with menopause as well. Before considering surgical intervention, there are plenty of softer solutions that can help you refresh your skin.

A guide to menopausal skin changes and increased hair loss

Caring For Your Menopausal Hair and Skin Changes that occur in your body before, during and after the menopause also impact your skin and hair. Don’t let your skin and hair suffer more than it has to! Sit back and discover how you can lessen the effects of the menopause...

Why is my skin so dry during menopause?

Itchy, saggy, dry - those are the top 3 skin situations on your menopausal changes list and dryness is the most uncomfortable one so, this is a good question to ask. As you'll learn below, the skin’s inability to retain water plays a major role in skin dryness during the menopause.

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